Friday, April 23, 2010

My tooth is ringing!

I had to have a tooth out recently. See this post for one idea I had to fill in the gap. It doesn't hurt anymore but after reading this Wired article I wish it was ringing! The article describes an audio tooth implant that uses bone induction to transmit sound directly. A bluetooth tooth! Can't find anywhere that sells these things, maybe I'll put it in my Makerbot cupcake printed tooth...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Tooth For a Cupcake!

I am looking at having a tooth extracted on Tuesday the 20th. After the extraction, I will need to have the "socket" for the implant heal for a number of months before getting a crown over the implant "post". The whole procedure is very pricey, just to get a temporary plastic tooth alone costs a small fortune. I was going to leave it open but then I read about this competition. If I had a Makerbot then I could print my own tooth! So I fired up Blender and here is my best effort in Thingiverse:

If I had a Makerbot then my sweet tooth could be replaced by a "sweet" tooth made with Cupcake!