Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free as in?

Not in Canada.
Tried to check out Chris Anderson's book Free.

Guess I don't live in the home of the free... In any case, I don't know how he stretches this Wired article out to be a book. Lots of other people also wonder if its even worth the cover price...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Dragon's Lair Returns

The Next Big Thing in video games seems to be streaming the content to thin clients. Of the two that I've come across (GaiKai and OnLive) GaiKai seems to be the most realistic. Given that my PC tends to strain just showing youtube, I wonder just how thin the client needs to be. Another question is bandwidth latency of course.

So why the picture of Dirk The Daring from Dragon's Lair? While reading about GaiKai's system of streaming a game as video via Flash, it hit me that this is not such a new idea after all. Why did Dragon's Lair stand apart in the arcades of the 80's next to the 8-bit invaders of space? Because it was excellently animated video on laser disc the story of which you directed and it was pre-rendered. It wasn't done on the fly like every other game. OK, Dragon's Lair was stand-alone, no remote server farm here but you get the idea.
If my local cable operator wanted to charge a reasonable monthly fee for something like GaiKai, I would be interested...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, I have stalled a bit on my roomba/arduino project.

It doesn't connect. Why doesn't it connect?

Ahem. So I am changing focus back to software for now but still outwardly to do with robots: Android! I think Filippo might work well as an Android app and the wonderful NyArtoolkit supports Android. So...

So, I've downloaded the SDK and the eclipse plugin (another point in its favour) and I am trying out the Hello World. There's also a second Android Developer Challenge that might motivate me to put some extra time into this. I can't enter Filippo but I have another little app in mind which could be fun to try to put together. Will let you know how I get on.

Of course this could all be a sub-conscious excuse to go out and buy a new phone :)