Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Kind of Search Engine

Tomorrow is the day when Stephen Wolfram's WolframAlpha launches. Called a Computational Knowledge Engine instead of a Search Engine, it puts in practice the principles outlined in a New Kind Of Science. Rudy Rucker has a good interview with Wolfram on the topic which you can download here. It is a good overview and, to my mind, puts to rest some of the detractors of NKS. Wolfram modestly asserts that he has one "good idea" and everything follows on from it.
If WolframAlpha proves to be as good as advertised then we are truly moving to a new paradigm where there is a scientist/expert at everyone's fingertips. No more lawyers! Sorry, I am getting carried away...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And They Call It Puppy Love

Here's a fun diversion:

Want to have a computer on a USB drive? Check out QEMU-Puppy. This nice write-up tells you how to set up a USB drive so it not only boots a PC to a copy of Puppy Linux (a nice small linux distribution) but also how to run the same distro as a VM from within linux or Windows using QEMU. A computer on a thumb drive!


Update: has a list of different distributions that you can run via QEMU.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We've hit the big time!

I just got word from the CTO of Adobe Systems Inc. that they want to incorporate Filippo into the next version of their celebrated Photoshop suite! They have purchased the rights to Filippo exclusively so I will have to go closed source. Also, anybody who has downloaded the application will have to uninstall. Don't worry, a cheque will be arriving shortly from Adobe to compensate you fully. Either that or a threatening legal letter. Thanks for your support and I'm off to spend my millions!