Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, I'll Be!

I don't like it when people repost stuff in a blog but given that this is in Japanese I feel it is justified. It appears as though some kind soul has successfully put together a demo of NyARToolkit using Java Web Start. The link to check out is here:

This is great news! Now (hopefully!) I can dispense with my patchy installer and rely on JWS as my means of launching Filippo. It appears to also only work on Windows for now but we can work on that as time goes on.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Magic Lens

A new version of Filippo! Version shows the image the user can draw or paint on as a "magic lens" and not a "magic mirror". This means that the image is no longer reversed or mirrored. The application is officially an improvement on Brunelleschi's device!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I enjoy science/technology magazines. I've been a fan of Wired for a long time and enjoy Make. Today I picked up my first copy of Seed magazine and wished I had found out about it a lot sooner.

Science and design are what this blog is all about and Seed is an admirable joining of both. In terms of design: the magazine is wonderfully laid out; the current issue has a "progress bar" and "tags" connecting articles; the look is clean and un-cluttered. In terms of content: articles by Neil Gershenfeld, interviews with Albert-László Barabási, investigation on the work of Steven D. Levitt; an over-all focus on science as culture, on science as what we need to fix the mess our world is in.

I'm not sure if a magazine like Seed will survive the current "downturn". (At least people had the courage and sense to call the last depression "Great") It is refreshingly unburdened by advertising. I hope its enthusiasm and unabashed support for science carry it forward successfully.

Update: Here's a great visual summary of Seeds current issue.