Monday, September 28, 2009

More robots

Still on the java android kick: I have put together a little app (un-related to Filippo -- still wrestling with OpenGl for that one) which I am considering putting on the Android App Market. Notice The Capital Letters!

I am wondering if I should bother charging for it. The application is something of a toy but, on the other hand, think of the millions that are being made on silly ring-tones, etc.

My thinking is to charge a ridiculously low amount for it, i.e. a very low barrier to entry: 25 cents or something like that. I don't really have a problem with giving the thing away. I have benefited so much from open source that I want to give back whenever I can but I want to try doing this as an experiment. There is literally nothing nowadays that you can buy for a quarter, beyond a phone call. So would people mind paying so little for something online? Is the hassle of paying online worth the low price? I think the majority of people don't bother paying by donation for the same reason. My theory is that there is a sweet spot where, if the payment technology is easy, (like with ring-tones) and the cost is ridiculously low then people might indulge. I don't think I will make millions (or anything actually) but it is worth it as an experiment.

And what is this killer app? Watch this space...

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