Sunday, February 1, 2009


I enjoy science/technology magazines. I've been a fan of Wired for a long time and enjoy Make. Today I picked up my first copy of Seed magazine and wished I had found out about it a lot sooner.

Science and design are what this blog is all about and Seed is an admirable joining of both. In terms of design: the magazine is wonderfully laid out; the current issue has a "progress bar" and "tags" connecting articles; the look is clean and un-cluttered. In terms of content: articles by Neil Gershenfeld, interviews with Albert-László Barabási, investigation on the work of Steven D. Levitt; an over-all focus on science as culture, on science as what we need to fix the mess our world is in.

I'm not sure if a magazine like Seed will survive the current "downturn". (At least people had the courage and sense to call the last depression "Great") It is refreshingly unburdened by advertising. I hope its enthusiasm and unabashed support for science carry it forward successfully.

Update: Here's a great visual summary of Seeds current issue.

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