Monday, January 19, 2009

New version of NyARToolkit

NyARToolkit, the excellent Java library that Filippo is based on, has a new version: 2.2.0.

The release notes are here.

Here is my translation of them. Any corrections are welcome as my Japanese is a bit rusty!

Version 2.2.0 of the NyARToolkit has the following improvements:

Additional Features

1. Increased support for JMF Capture formats. The YUV camera output format is now supported. The toolkit now uses Java's colour space convertor for format change/translation.

2. Added angle properties to the NyARTransMatResult class. This allows you to calculate slope from a line.

Changed Features

1. The generic JMFCaptureClass has been replaced by a listing of particular devices or by a particular device. Please use the JmfCaptureDeviceList or JmfCaptureDevice classes instead of the JmfCameraCapture class.

2. Sub-class the NyARBufferReader_Reader_RGB24 class instead of using the previous JMF utility class.

Fixed Bugs

1. I have fixed the problem with the Java3D input screen being reversed. The code where this was happening has been fixed.


The toolkit's overall processing time has been improved slightly.

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