Monday, January 12, 2009

Darwin and Timing

Right now there is an excellent series on BBC radio 4's In Our Time about Charles Darwin. In Our Time is one of my favourite podcasts. With this series on Darwin Bragg takes his incisive questioning outside the studio and into the places that featured in the life of Charles Darwin: the Cambridge he studied at as a young man; the British Natural History museum's collection of his specimen's from the Voyage of the Beagle; and the home that he lived out his life as a distinguished Victorian Scientist.

Darwin has always been a hero of mine. Ever since I realized how simple and elegant the idea of natural selection is. This series illuminates the biography of the man who came up with this revolutionary theory. One thing that struck me while listening was the fact that the history of how he published his theory is not so straightforward and simple. In fact he sat on it for a number of years until a rival theory forced his hand.

I feel a bit like that with Filippo. I want it to be perfect before I launch it on the world. I still have a number of issues to sort out before calling it a ready-to-use application. But how long should I wait? Is it better to get it out there and see if anyone has any interest? I can't make up my mind. I want to polish it just a little more before publicizing this little app. But what if I open up Make or something similar and see someone else's version out there? You see my dilemma. In any case, check out the Darwin series. Well worth listening to.

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